自始至终,我们都致力于实现更高的效能。 我们认为,设计不会仅是一个开端,一个难以达成的愿景。 因为,今天,一切都将实现! Fabio Verdelli | Design Studio 将携手 Golden Aim 共创美好未来。
Golden Aim 是一家总部位于深圳,并在香港、杭州、义乌各地运营的国际化供应链整合管理公司,拥有丰富的经验与专业知识。
多年来,GOLDEN AIM 为中国及欧美客户提供了从研发、制造监督与物流管理的全方位服务, 将各类型的项目转化为优质的产品并运输到世界各地。
今天,我们很高兴将与 Golden Aim 一同为世界各地的客户提供从零到店,设计与供应链管理联合服务。

Since ever we’re committed to effectiveness. From our standpoint DESIGN is not just a beginning, it’s not a vision that will vanish because of reality. We like to see it through! For this reason we cooperate with GOLDEN AIM, supply chain management company based in Shenzhen and operative in all over China with great experience and expertise.
GOLDEN AIM is able to transform any kind of project in successful products all over the world, managing engineering, development, manufacturing monitoring and logistic assistance on behalf of Chinese, European and American clients.
Today we’re pleased to be provide an INTEGRATED SERVICE that spans from the scratch to the store.