Fabio Verdelli | Design Studio is a “boutique” studio, a recognized top-quality design consultancy with exquisite attention to clients and projects. Each of our projects receives the attention of a team of select and highly-experienced Italian design professionals. Check out our past experience and let us know what do you think about us

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凭借新现代主义者,以人为本的理念,我们将消费者的需求和可持续性放在我们设计哲学的中心位置。我们的目标是将意大利品味,以及传统且驰名的意大利工匠技艺精神带入我们的咨询工作中。我们拥有为人认可的能力,创造传统与最为创新和未来主义产品和品牌之间的桥梁,采用我们独特的、称为“宁静科技”(calm technology)的风格。

Fabio Verdelli | Design Studio was established in 2010 in Milan, Italy. It’s an Italian product design studio focused on bathroom and kitchen accessories, electronic devices, wearable accessories and technologies, branding and brand strategy.
With our neomodernist, human-based approach, we put consumer needs and sustainability at the center of our philosophy. Our goal is to bring Italian taste, tradition, and the celebrated Italian master craft expertise to all of our consulting. We’re renown for our ability to bridge our heritage with the most innovative and futuristic of products and brands. All of this is done with a unique style that we call “calm technology”.

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