Deborah Dalla Palma


从我小时候起,我就培养了很多兴趣,其中最使我感兴趣的就是网球运动和阅读了。 网球这项只有坚持和付出才能获得成果的运动深刻的影响了我的价值观;而在阅读中,书本给予我的情感表达与其中一切惊奇的事物都是如此令人心生向往。
我尤为喜爱事物背后总有一个故事,这个事物以任何形态呈现都会吸引着我,它可以是物体,故事,人物或视觉内容。因此,当我意识到有人在规划设计我们每天与之产生互动的“故事”时,我想我知道了我要做些什么。19岁的时候,我就读于意大利设计学院(SID),在那里我学习了产品与视觉传达设计。这使我发现了一个由形状,思想和观念组成的新世界。之后,我进入了Fabio Verdelli Design Studio,开启了新的篇章。

Since I was a child I grew up with many interests. Among many, the deepest passions were playing tennis and reading books. Sport taught me the values and discipline that helps me during my everyday life and books showed me the importance of transmitting emotions and amazement.
The magic that storytelling creates leaves room for the possibility to imagine.
I like it when there is a story behind objects.
So when I discovered that there are people that “design” the story of our everyday objects it was immediately clear what I wanted to become.
I attended the Product & Communication Design course in Scuola Italiana Design (SID) in Padua (Italy).
In this way, I discovered a world full of shapes, colors and ideas.
Right after I started my chapter in Fabio Verdelli Design Studio.