Manuel Frasson

Senior Designer

曼努埃尔(Manuel)出生在帕多瓦省的一个小镇。他在艺术学院学习了多年武术,已达到比赛水准。体育生涯中的一次受伤迫使他放弃比赛,那时他重新找出藏在抽屉里的梦想 :成为一名设计师。
因此,他在2014 年就读了意大利设计学院(SID)。2017年毕业后,成为法比奥·维尔德里设计工作室(Fabio Verdelli Studio)的一员。

Manuel was born in a small town in the province of Padua. After art school, he spent several years studying martial arts, including at a competitive level. An injury in the middle of his career forced him to get back into the creative game by rediscovering what had previously only been a dream: becoming a designer.
In 2014, he enrolled in SID (Scuola Italiana Design). After graduation, in 2017 he became a team member of the Fabio Verdelli Studio.
His approach is very practical, Manuel likes to "get his hands dirty" and experiment with things..